View a 3-dimensional view of the Stafford Regional Airport's terminal.


View a 3-dimensional aireal view of the entire Stafford Regional Airport.

Flight Plan Information
Airport Identifier:  RMN   DME 111.1
Unicom: 122.725 Latitude: 38 23 38

4 clicks = Quantico
6 clicks = Potomac

Longitude: 77 27 33

Dial in 540-657-8283

Sectional Chart: Washington
Localizer: 108.75  

Designed to maximize the safe and efficient movement of aircraft, the Stafford Regional Airport facility includes a 5000-foot by 100-foot instrument runway with full parallel taxiways, Jet-A and Av-Gas fuel storage facilities, and 25 acres of paved aircraft parking aprons.

The 550-acre facilities can accommodate 75,000 annual operations and 100 based aircraft, including corporate business jets, with gross weights up to 70,000 pounds and wing spans up to 80 feet.

An additional 25 acres of rough-graded finished lots are available for lease development of individual, corporate and T-hangar aircraft storage buildings and other aviation related business facilities.

The ultimate build-out of the Stafford Regional Airport includes: a contemporary comfortable terminal building, full precision instrument approach capabilities and the expansion of all aviation support facilities.

The Stafford Regional Airport is owned and operated by the Stafford Regional Airport Authority - an independent authority comprised of representatives from Stafford and Prince William Counties, and the City of Fredericksburg.

The Authority, along with the Virginia Department of Aviation and the FAA have worked tirelessly since 1989 to bring the Stafford Regional Airport to fruition - a labor of love, dedicated to general aviation and the economic development of the Region.