Stafford's Board members play an active role in the development and growth of our airport services

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Mission Statement

The Stafford Regional Airport Authority is committed to providing and promoting a safe, efficient, convenient and economically self-sustaining air transportation facility responsive to airport-user and community needs while supporting and promoting the Region’s economic growth and development.

"A mile of roadway gets you a mile down the road. A mile of runway gets you anywhere in the world."

Aviation and airports impact our lives daily, directly and indirectly, with the transportation of people, goods and mail — locally and around the world. And airports are economic engines for the communities that they serve — supporting business and creating jobs. According to the Federal Aviation Administration the Stafford Regional Airport, and general aviation airports just like it, create an economic activity impact of $64.5 billion to the Nation’s economy.

Careful and thoughtful planning has ensured the Authority’s role as a steward of the land — with two stormwater retention facilities, a 70-acre perpetual conservation easement area and a 50-acre wetland area designed to protect and enhance the environment around the Airport and in our community.

The Stafford Regional Airport Authority understands the interdependence of social progress, economic success and environmental excellence as the cornerstones of a community’s quality of life foundation and so, is committed to being a good neighbor.